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Cynthia Herbert-Bruschi Adams began her career in academia where she is now a Professor Emerita and a retired psychologist.  Her early writing was in journal articles, textbooks and trade books in health related areas.  In 2019 she published Italian Spices: A Memoir about the Italian side of her family.  The Farmhouse on Cemetery Hill Road was her first novel.  In the Spring of 2021 she published its sequel, The Portal and completed the trilogy with AH, GRACE! during the Summer of 2021.  She has just completed THE RED TOQUE: LOVE AND LOSS IN THE TIME OF TITO, based on actual people who experienced WWII in Eastern Europe.

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By Cynthia Herbert-Bruschi Adams


Many people still deny that the horrible things which happened after WWII actually occurred.  This bibliography documents not only circumstances building up to and around the war, but the crimes committed as WWII ended; 3 are fiction but emphasize the issues.

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Book Reviews

"Italian Spices: A Memoir is a richly peopled travelogue and a tasty appreciation of Italian home cooking. In the book, author Cindy Adams connects the story of her mother, a much in love, young war bride who immigrates to the US to be with her GI husband at the close of World War II with her own quest to know and understand her mother's people and culture.  From her first visit to Italy at the age of twelve, to her later trips as an adult, Adams is embraced by aunts, uncles, and cousins. She fills the book with recipes and descriptions of her relatives' daily lives. We see her uncle make weekly trips to the countryside to purchase large jugs of light, white wine, which he decants for the table; a family friend's artichoke farm; a bustling market. The book is also a tribute to Gina, Adams' mother, who was not only a good cook, but who ran her own shop, Roma Ladies Wear, in New Hampshire for 25 years. Italian Spices is a testament to what it means to be Italian-American. Written with warmth and charm, it will inspire readers to explore their own roots."


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