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Ah, Grace!

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At the end of The Portal we watch perplexed and horrified as the Giant Goliath Spiders make their way down the dark road from Cemetery Hill burial grounds with Grace’s coffin silhouetted by the moonlight.  This is the story of Grace’s anguished return to the farmhouse and to life.  What factors conspire to bring this child back from the dead and what challenges must she overcome just to live?  And it is also the story of Grace and the girl next door who are both victimized by the same man who has always preyed upon what he believes are weaker beings.


But Grace’s experiences have led to her possessing unusual powers.  She evolves into the type of person who cannot be abused and remain helpless.  Grace takes justifiable action regardless of the strength of the perpetrator.  She extracts the ultimate revenge for herself and her friend.  There is, as always, an ending which the reader will not see coming or wish to miss.

This book is written as part three of a trilogy beginning with The Farmhouse on Cemetery Hill Road followed by The Portal and concluding with this story AH, Grace!  Cynthia Herbert-Bruschi Adams has also recently published Italian Spices: A Memoir.

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