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The Portal

The Portal is the widely loved and anticipated sequel to The Farmhouse on Cemetery Hill Rd. (may be read separately): An historical novel where actual history is as strange as fiction. It blends the supernatural with reality in a fast paced mystery of a family in two eras, crossing thresholds of time and space through the portrait of a Civil War soldier, surprises from the graveside, and struggles to appease ghosts of the past; trying to keep promises made to the dead, doing what is right for emancipation and striving to survive multiple perils.

This drama is being enjoyed throughout the world:  Linda Hoitt, Southern California writes “An excellent read, could not put it down”; Larry Maurice, Hillsborough, New Hampshire “So glad there was a sequel and I’m hoping for more”; Bruno Tomassini, Latina, Italia “I cannot wait to get my copy, even in English”; Jan Novak,  Melbourne,  Australia, “I’ve been waiting for this since The Farmhouse.”

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