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Things are Happening with My Books

First, and this is good news and bad, I am completely sold out of "Italian Spices: A Memoir."

The good news is that I intend to incorporate "Italian Spices" into a larger book containing recipes contributed by surprise guests. Please stay tuned.

Second, "The Farmhouse on Cemetery Hill Rd." is being converted to an audible book. All original versions will still be available on Amazon, but I will tell you here how to get the audible version. (As if driving wasn't already scary enough, lol.) Again, please stay tuned for ways to purchase the audible copy which is not yet available.

Three, and I do mean 3, my trilogy of New England horror stories will soon be boxed, if you buy them on Kindle. "The Farmhouse on Cemetery Hill Rd.", "The Portal", and "AH, Grace!" will be sold together, three for the price of two, in e-book. Date of availability will be announced soon.

Four, you may watch one of my YouTube podcasts about "The Red Toque Love and Loss in the time of Tito" by Googling: YouTube Cynthia Herbert Adams' Storytelling of the Past and it's Lasting Impact on the Present.

Other podcasts will be listed. Also, on December 22, 2022, Joy Held, is having me as a guest on her blog. You would go to and look for BOOKS BY MY FRIENDS until you find "The Red Toque Love and Loss in the Time of Tito. It is very nice of her to help promote other writers.

Finally, and this is a long-range announcement, I will soon be looking for a way to get "The Red Toque Love and Loss in the Time of Tito" translated into Slovenian so that people native to that part of the world may enjoy it more easily.

Happy Holidays!

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