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Start the Year with Flare

It looks as though "The Red Toque Love and Loss in the Time of Tito" picked up some momentum during the holidays. Perhaps it is it's appeal to both genders, coupled with the contribution I am making to The Wounded Warrior Project whenever a paperback is sold, but sales are up!

I've also been on a number of YouTube podcasts, and a webinar, so that does gain additional looks at the book. In any case I am pleased by the increase in sales.

I am moving forward to find an interpreter who will translate this book into Slovenian so that more of the folks focused on in the book will have an opportunity to read it in their native tongue. I already have a Slovenian friend, a great fan of The Red Toque, who will read the Slovenian version for me so that I will know how true it is to the original story.

Within days I should be announcing that "The Farmhouse on Cemetery Hill Rd." will be available as an audible book narrated by the very talented Rachanee Lumayno. She has a wonderful voice.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to box the 3 horror novels, or sell them in a set. They are still available on Kindle as well as in print, however.

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and READ!

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