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As readers will know, "The Red Toque Love and Loss in the Time of Tito" has been available on Amazon since mid-April 2022. The strongest enthusiasm has been shown for this book by: those interested in WWII; Slovenian and other Eastern European peoples; historians and those who love a fast paced piece of historical fiction (which is mostly a true story).

In addition to, The Hoot, in Mansfield Center, CT and, Gibson's, in Concord, NH are also carrying "The Red Toque". The author has done several book signings and has discussed it on the radio.

Currently, two newspapers have carried reviews of "The Red Toque": The Slovenian Times of Chicago, and The Slovenian American Times of Cleveland. The author is currently researching Australia, which has a large Slovenian population, and of course, Slovenia. Croatia and Serbia to see what newspapers will be interested in this dramatic true story of six Slovenian siblings as they enter WWII.

Soon another writer, found at: www.booksbymyfriends/joy e. held

will post a blog about "The Red Toque" as well as other interesting books written by members of the Authors Guild.

Look for the author as a speaker in conjunction with many Eastern European associations, including the Hungarian Club of Ashford, throughout Connecticut and beyond.

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